Before anything else, schedule a free diagnostic test* with us so you have a better idea of your current level.

Diagnostic tests can be taken anytime during office hours (12nn-8pm Mondays to Fridays, 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday).

We highly recommend you schedule your diagnostic at least 1 day in advance.

  • For the SAT and ACT, the diagnostic takes 3 hours, and you will need to bring a calculator.

  • For the SAT Subject Tests, the diagnostic takes 1 hour per subject, and you can bring a calculator if needed.

  • For the GMAT and GRE, the diagnostic takes 4 hours, and you will need to bring a laptop.

  • For the IELTS, the diagnostic takes 2 hours (Reading and Writing sections).

* For Academic Tutorials, we will ask for a list of topics you wish to focus on.



Once you have your diagnostic test results, you can schedule a short 30-minute consultation with an instructor who will help you decide which program would be best for you based on your diagnostic and your goals.



After deciding on your study program, you can settle your account, finalize your schedule*, and get ready for the first day of class!

* This only applies to programs with flexible class schedules (Individual and Small Group Programs).