“The Princeton Review has been a great and fulfilling experience. The classes and Simon have helped me develop through my college process with an excellent program. I have witnessed my friends, of all differing abilities, sky rocket their scores and have experienced it first hand as well. I started with a relatively low score, in both my math and english for the SAT, but the material, the testing opportunities, and especially the teachers helped me achieve a score that was once unfathomable. I would recommend this service to any prospective student, as it truly has opened doors for me that I would not have been able to on my own.”

(ISM ; SAT: Official 1310 —> Official 1540) Pomona college


“I started with the Princeton Review in April 2016. Initially I took the Ultimate Class, which taught me a lot of the fundamental techniques in taking the ACT. Every week, I would see a steady improvement in every mock test I took. By the time I took my first ACT in June 2016, my score had a dramatic increase of 5 points from my original diagnostic test.  However, I decided that I would retake the ACT in September. From that point, I started taking one-on-one lessons with Simon. He made a program for me that was specifically aimed to tackle my weaker subjects.

Simon is a very precise instructor, and was able to explain all the concepts very clearly. He not only prepared me for the content of the test, but he gave me valuable techniques in managing my time. After going through Simon’s program, I retook the ACT in September. My composite score increased by 3 points from my June test. This made for a total improvement of 8 points from where I began back in April. This drastic increase in my performance in the test could not have been possible without the guidance and tutelage of Simon and The Princeton Review.”

(Home schooled ; ACT: 22 —> Official 30) UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA


“The greatest value-add Princeton Review offers GMAT students are its knowledgeable teachers and their insights (things not necessarily taught in a GMAT review book). My teacher, Simon, was able to explain the hardest questions (verbal and quant), from various review books in the simplest way so that it could be recalled during the actual exam. Beyond course material, Simon also guided me through the intangibles of exam taking like, what to prioritize, what to expect, etc. Overall, I was really pleased with my GMAT score considering I only had about a month to study. With more time, and sessions at Princeton Review, I probably would have scored higher.” 

(GMAT: 440 to 640 in 1 month 2 weeks) UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MBA


“In classes, Simon gave many small but necessary tips to help the students to solve questions much more efficiently. He also continuously gave some specific individual remarks to improve the students' performances. It was clear that my teacher really cared for his students. On the day that I took SAT, Simon called each one of us who took it on that day to just ask us how was it. He is also very skilled in teaching, and he knows what kind of things to do to improve the students' scores in different sections.”

(Southville ; SAT: 1200 —> Official 1530)



I would just like to express my gratitude and thanks to you and Princeton Review for all your efforts in helping me along this SAT journey. It has really been a wonderful time at Princeton Review with your unwavering patience and ability to explain new ideas to me. In my mock tests before my SAT, the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections had significant room for improvement. Luckily, through my few cram sessions with you the few weeks before the test, my Grammar skills benefited significantly. I was unaware of many conventions and comma rules, and your teaching helped boost my Writing section score on the SAT to a level that I did not expect to achieve. Later on, when I was more busy and came to work on Practice Tests, Princeton Review helped provide me with a quiet space that simulated the actual test conditions. I am very grateful for these rigorous 4-hours that helped build my stamina as well as your explanations for several more complex Reading questions during these sessions. These helped prepare my approach to the Reading section. It was always really fun to also relax in Princeton Review and discuss school kwento in our downtime. Thank you all so much again!

(ISM ; SAT: 1440 —> Official 1580) harvard university


“The Princeton Review enhanced my learning in more ways than one and, in my honest opinion, offered me some of the best college consultation I could get in Manila! … The classes were so effective that after just three weeks of classes, I took the actual SAT and scored 200 points higher than I did on that first mock test! … The Princeton Review is a test prep service that I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about how to best prepare themselves for standardised testing… The teachers are also a lot of fun to be around and class never felt like a chore and was something we would actually look forward to sometimes. … the classes helped all of us achieve the scores we wanted and were fun enough to make all the extra hours spent studying worth it all. We even joke sometimes how we miss the classes, just not the stress of having to do all the work or testing!”

(ISM ; SAT: 1280 —> Official SAT: 1500) vanderbilt university


“At the beginning of 11th Grade, I took the PSAT. I had gaps in my learning, as a result of being new to SAT having studied a different curriculum overseas. Princeton Review analysed my areas of weakness and tailored a program specifically targeting these areas. Joanne was able to explain in detail step by step in a way that I could understand and apply. She was very encouraging throughout the whole time which improved my confidence and allowed me to believe in myself, which is something I struggled with. My math went from strength to strength as she continued to challenge me right up to the exam. I was able to achieve my goal and beyond, as a direct result of Joanne's teaching methods, support and guidance throughout the year.”

(ISM )


“When I was a kid, I remember hating Math (to the absolute nth degree), most especially the convoluted word problems teachers were fond of throwing at me… When I first came to my Math class, I was determined to rise above my abysmally low Math score and raise it 80 points (at that time). I completed all the homework you gave me and took copious notes. What I did not understand, however, was why you took great pain to explain the Math behind the concept or word problem to me… At first, I was only after learning how to solve each Math problem I did not know and quickly move on to the next one… Through your guidance and advice, I veered away from my comfort zone and began using Math concepts to solve problems… Thank you Simon for showing me that Math isn’t a TERRIBLE subject and in fact a fun one at that! I hope you continue to inspire more students to excel in the SAT and conquer their fears in Math! Thank you for the invaluable advice you have given me about college and life in general! I’ll make sure to apply them! I also admire your dedication to teaching SAT and hope to be just as passionate as you are someday! I’ve also been able to apply SAT Math to IB Math!”

(CISM ; Old SAT: Official 1730 —> Official 2080) new york university


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“To be honest, I was hesitant to start the Princeton Review. I had tutors before, so I didn't really think I would get a different experience. However, once I began, I realized I was completely wrong.

I started the Princeton Review in December 2015 for the intensive SAT sessions. Each session was approximately 3 hours long and I learnt so much. Simon, who taught my class at the time, provided me with lots of material for the SAT that would tackle every single aspect of the test.

I think what makes the Princeton Review unique is its instructors. My instructor knew the answer to every single question we were given, and was able to explain it thoroughly to the point where I understood it. Not only that, but I do believe he genuinely cared for and wanted me to improve. He would always remain patient and assist me whenever I needed help.

Even when I had questions out of class or if it late at night, I could always send him a message and would receive an answer immediately.

I learnt from the Princeton Review simply just practicing past papers will not make me improve. I needed to understand how to approach the SAT itself and focus on particular weakness of mine.

My time at the Princeton Review is one I do not regret one bit.”

(ISM ; SAT: 1330 —> Official SAT: 1500) tufts university


"Simon understands what each of our strengths and weaknesses are, and then personalizes the classes to meet those needs. The class brings deep, individualized knowledge and understanding that no textbook on online review can. Not only was I able to achieve a score higher than I could have imagined coming in, but the classes were actually a part of my day that I looked forward to.“

(ISM ; ACT: 28 —> Official ACT: 33) yale university


Studying for ACT or any standardized testing is not easy. It is not something that I can “self-study” for. Before coming to Princeton Review Philippines, I actually tried self-studying, doing practice tests and reading books, but it lacks the proper guidance and feedback that I need. I would get inundated with schoolwork and I would lose my momentum to study for the ACT. Whenever I make mistakes in my practice tests, I find the explanations in the books insufficient. Fortunately, studying at Princeton Review Philippines solved all of those problems. It is structured like a regular class, which is my preferable learning method. My teacher, Simon, would lecture, assign homework, answer my questions, and assess my current standing. His lectures were very fun! He makes them easy to understand and he would incorporate some personal stories to make them engaging. After each practice test, he would give me the analytics to understand my areas of weaknesses. Then he would also give me personalized practice sets to target those weaknesses. At the end of the course, I learned everything I need to learn about taking the ACT, and I further improved by taking specific practice sets to target my weaknesses. Eventually, I raised my score from a 29 to a 34. Thank you Simon! Thank you Princeton Review Philippines!”

(BRENT ; Official ACT: 29 —> Official ACT: 34) university of pennsylvania